First ‘Glass’ Clip Teases a Villain Team-Up

The first big film of the year is just over a week away, that being M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass. While I highly doubt anyone doesn’t know this, Glass is the final chapter to Shyamalan’s surprising that Unbreakable and Split trilogy. The film brings back Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis’ characters to collide with James McAvoy’s Kevin Wendell Crumb in a movie that undoubtedly looks quite powerful thanks to some great trailers.

January movies are typically disasters, but Shyamalan changed the game when he released in Split this month a few years back. It ended up making a good chunk of money, where he looks to repeat that process again one last time. I’ve been looking forward to the movie just as much as anyone else. I think both Unbreakable and Split are very well done, which leaves me hopeful that Shyamalan continues his resurgence and delivers a movie that will wrap up the trilogy how it should be. All the pieces are in place, literally, but it now depends on whether or not the director can put it all together.

With the movie coming out next week, Fandango has gotten a hold of an exclusive clip for the film. I personally haven’t watched it, but thanks to the thumbnail and title, it’s clearly the scene from the trailer that teases the first moment Elijah and Kevin meet and eventually “team-up,” as Mr. Glass puts it in the trailers.

After checking out the new clip below, leave all your questions, comments and thoughts in the section below that. Are you looking forward to the movie? Do you think it will finish off the trilogy right? Also starring Sarah Paulson and Anya Taylor-Joy, Shyamalan’s Glass breaks into theaters on January 18th.

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