Our Top 10 Overall Movies of 2018 List Is Here!

2018 has wrapped up and that means Top 10 Lists are flying around all over the place. While many release they’re individual lists, we here at Apocaflix! have taken a fun approach to our end of the year rankings.

First of all, we do two separate lists. One is the overall list, which you can see below. Every film released in 2018, meaning theatrical, streaming and home video, is eligible to make the cut. That’s a wide range of film. Second and most importantly, this list is a consensus list. It’s made up from our individual lists thanks to a point system. We each rank our favorites of the year and give them points. Number one gets 10, number ten gets 1, and everything in-between. So if you think this list is a bit odd looking, that’s because each of our individual lists were completely different from each other. And don’t worry, our personal lists will be released in the coming days (you’ll be able to see on YouTube).

We had fun with this one! Not only did some we didn’t think would make the cut make it, but we were surprised to see that many didn’t. But that’s the point, and we are pretty happy with the results. Please enjoy our Top 10 Overall Movies of 2018, and please make sure you stay tuned in to Apocaflix! Movies on YouTube for not only our end of the year videos, but our 2019 Anticipation videos as well, which will be released next week! So as always, thank you for watching and supporting and we hope you enjoy!

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