Director Scott Derrickson Will Return for ‘Doctor Strange 2’

While Avengers: End Game will answer all the questions we have about the outcome and result of Thanos’s lethal snap, the fact of the matter is is that we all knew that those characters who “dusted” away at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, at least the majority of them, would be returning in some capacity. The sequence was the biggest emotional pull Marvel has delivered thus far, but even Marvel would be lying if they truly asked you as a fan to believe that a Spider-Man or Black Panther we’re gone forever. With that being the case, Marvel Studios is slowly beginning to build what comes after Avengers 4 and a huge part of that plan could lie on the shoulders of the Sorcerer Supreme.

It’s been Marvel’s chest board over the last week or so. Last week featured trailer debuts for Captain Marvel, the first teaser for End Game, and as well as the first trailer for the Spider-Man: Far From Home, which unfortunately was only shown to the roaring crowd at Brazil Comic-Con this weekend. Until yesterday, those were the only films revealed to be coming by Marvel, and for good reason. But thanks to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, we now know that a Doctor Strange sequel is officially being developed with original director Scott Derrickson eyed to return.

Not only did THR state that Derrickson would be coming back (hallelujah), but Benedict Wong and quite possibly Rachel McAdams could be returning to their respective roles alongside Benedict Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange as well. It’s expected that Derrickson will also handle half of the writing duties, as he did with the first, with an intention on starting production in 2020 for a 2021 release date.

Although Doctor Strange is one of the best recurved films critically, when I talk to others about the movie, it always seems to be held in a more mild regard when it comes to the everyday fan. Don’t undersell the film though, everyone was expecting this movie to be one of the more average entries for Marvel, but it ended up as one of the MCU’s most interesting and entertaining standalone adventures thanks to a perfect casting in Cumberbatch and Derrickson’s ability to put everyone on acid while watching the movie. But while you may have not liked his solo movie, the Russo’s used him perfectly in Infinity War, where he could end up being the key piece moving forward in End Game. Why? Before he drifted away in the Titan atmosphere, he was the only character in the entire universe who saw the one potential outcome where the Avengers defeat Thanos. That, as well as the display of his abilities, make him one of the most exciting characters in End Game, whenever or however he returns that is.

As for a sequel, it makes sense. The first movie didn’t make a ton of movie, but the usage of him in the last two Avengers movies could swing that in a completely opposite direction. Nobody knew who the hell he was or what to expect with the first, but now that he’s an established character, there’s a chance he could become not just an important character for the MCU moving forward, but a fan-favorite as well. That all depends on how they handle the sequel. The first movie was a pretty “paint by numbers” movie that was also ridiculously weird. If Derrickson can keep that ridiculously weird-ness to it while stepping away from that typical Marvel movie feel, this could end up being a massive hit when it arrives in a few years.

What do you think of this news? First of all, are you a fan of the character from your comics experience? Did you like the first movie? Have you liked how the character has been used? Will the sequel be a Strange vs Mordo showdown? Let me know all your questions, comments and concerns down below!

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