Watch the Badass First Trailer for Netflix’s Star-Studded Action Thriller ‘Triple Frontier’

In a huge surprise, Netflix took advantage of Sunday Night Football last night and dropped the first official trailer for Triple Frontier, one of their many 2019 “blockbuster like” movies that will be released in theaters and online. Outside of some exclusive names, nobody knew this film was coming and that’s a really good thing because the trailer exploded onto the scene. Featuring an unreal list of names that includes Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund and Pedro Pascal, this is a trailer you won’t want to miss.

I’m blow away. Truly. It’s very rare for me to be absolutely gasping for air following a trailer, but this is one that has done it. It ultimately could end up being the surprise factor this movie had, and if so, bravo Netflix. The footage itself though is just fantastic. It’s investing, riveting and gritty, everything Netflix promises us on a constant basis. The only difference this time is it’s stacked full of names that will instantly grab the attention of millions, not hundreds or even thousands, millions of people. It’s still hard to see how exactly a Netflix film would do with a legit theater release, but if they actually spent the time and money to market this film like the every week release, it could end up being Netflix’s first major blockbuster. Hopefully that their intention.

Whether or not this film does get a major theatrical release, I’ll be watching it the night it comes out no matter what. I was sold on this movie within seconds, and the footage that followed only solidified my thoughts on it. It looks fantastic and much more interesting than the average action thriller centered around a “black ops” type team. This looks much more mean and just badass, and because Netflix is behind it without any true boundaries on it, it leaves me that much more excited to see what this story is like and more specifically, what these actors can do in their roles against one another.

Check out the first trailer below, and after doing so, leave your thoughts in the comment! How did you feel about it? Is this the best ensemble next year? Do you hope it gets a massive theatrical release? Directed by J.C. Chandor, Triple Frontier will be released in theaters and in Netflix in March 2019.

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