‘Resident Evil’ Reboot Moving Forward with ‘47 Meters Down’ Director

With a franchise that ran for six movies and fourteen years, it made sense when the studio finally decided to wrap up the best-running video game franchise ever brought to the screen. That’s right, I said it. While never reaching a high critical response, the series of movies continued to give exactly what fans wanted over and over again, with a leading lady in Milla Jovovich who was completely dedicated to the product. Fast forward to 2016 and the franchise was on its last leg, but that was only the beginning. Almost immediately after the six and final film had its theater run, the studio announced a reboot for the franchise because, well, money is money. After two years of nothing, the studio has announced which director they’ll be moving forward with.

The film wasn’t a huge success when it came to reactions, but 2017s 47 Meters Down held its own and then some at the box-office. If I remember correctly, it spent more just a couple weeks at the top of the grossing list, and Constantin Film seems to have noticed it. As first reported by Variety, 47 Meters Down director Johannes Roberts has been hired to direct the film. This is a very interesting move, but one that could be very beneficial for everyone involved.

If you’ve seen the Resident Evil movies, you know that the plot is based around Jovovich’s Alice kicking ass in every direction possible, against both humans and monsters. That’s where it gets interesting. Signing a name like Roberts shows that the studio may be looking to lower the budget on the reboot and tap into the horror genre. If you’ve noticed over the last decade, horror films have absolutely destroyed at the box-office. With a blueprint that uses a low budget, allowing for a high success rate, this reboot could be a very different kind of Resident Evil. In my opinion, that’s for the better. I’ve never played the games before, but I know that they do somewhat rely on the horror element. Sure, the original movies had monsters and moments that were no doubt meant to be scary, but it just never reached that level. With his background, Roberts could be the man for the job.

What do you think of this news? Do you like that they’re already doing a reboot? Did you want to see more from Alice? Is Roberts the right choice? How far horror do you think they’ll go? Sound off in the comments below!

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