10 Important Easter Eggs You Might’ve Missed in the ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer

The new Captain Marvel trailer has landed and while many questions were answered in the new footage, a number of new questions stepped in their place. Being a huge comic book property that Captain Marvel is, there are hints and secrets filled throughout not just the trailer, but eventually the entire film. Marvel loves dropping little nuggets for fans, whether or not they come to fruition down-the-line. With the film taking place in 1995, meaning it’s the first story in the MCU timeline, there’s a possibility for more than just a handful of easter eggs. With that being the case, we’ve taken the time to take some of the more important nods in our latest editorial video.

Below you’ll be able to watch us not only break down the general around some of its more intriguing parts, but relate those moments back to the history of Captain Marvel. Who are the Skrulls? What the The Supreme Intelligence? Does the trailer give us a hint as to where Carol Danvers is now? We take those questions and a couple others and dissect them in a segment we hope becomes a mainstay for our channel. With that said, here are the 10 Important Easter Eggs You Might’ve Missed in the Captain Marvel Trailer. Let us know what you think of these nods and our break down! Did we miss anything? How important do you think some of these will be? Don’t forget to also head to our YouTube channel for more videos like this, as well as reviews, reactions and official shows. And of course, as always, thank you for reading and watching!

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