Jude Law Isn’t Playing the Character You Think in ‘Captain Marvel’

Oops, they’ve done it again! Marvel Studios has done a fantastic job of keep a cloud of mystery around the upcoming and insanely anticipated Captain Marvel thus far, but unfortunately, that fortress has been slightly cracked for the time being. One of the bigger, if not the biggest unknown components of the film is the identity of Jude Law’s character. A character known as Captain Mar-Vell plays an integral part of the Carol Danvers storyline, and from the second Law was casted, it seemed like a lock that that’s who he’d be playing. Well, thanks to a in-your-face leak, we may now officially know who he is playing.

Let’s just get right to it. Funko, the company that is behind the ridiculously popular POP! figures, has officially revealed the line for Captain Marvel, and in that release came the reveal that Law isn’t playing Captain Mar-Vell, rather the villainous Kree Officer named Yon-Rogg. Who is Yon-Rogg? More on him just a bit later. While this is a surprise, it also isn’t. Speculation around Law’s character has been heavily debated for a long time, with many characters making the list. It was only enhanced when Law would neither confirm or deny who he was playing, as well as Marvel detailing his character as “Star Commander.” They were obviously trying to keep it as tightly under wraps as possible, but it has been spoiled by early marketing.

If this does end up being true, everything will not be what it seems come next March. The first trailer for the movie teased that Law’s character and Brie Larson’s Danvers are friendly and work well together in the field as commander and first mate, but there may be a specific reason for that. Yon-Rogg’s comic book background includes a weakness that makes him jealous of others’ accomplishments. Another important fact is that he hates Captain Mar-Vell, which now opens up another can of worms, who is playing Captain Mar-Vell? Is he even in the movie? It’s been stated multiple times that this story will bit different from the comics, could Carol Danvers be the Captain Mar-Vell role in this movie? While one question may have been answered, it seems like a dozen more have just been brought to the table.

On another note, this does make the movie that much more interesting. I would have thoroughly enjoyed to see Law play the role of Captain Mar-Vell. He’s an extremely important character and it could’ve led to something else down the road, but this outcome is much more interesting. While this very well could be a one-and-done for Law, I hope it’s not. I don’t have any experience with the character of Yon-Rogg, but if they can make him as intriguing as Captain Marvel herself, I would not mind seeing Yon-Rogg and Danvers square off years down the road, a la Thor and Loki.

What do you think of this news? Do you hope he’s still playing Captain Mar-Vell? Is this a huge surprise? Do you like the character decision? What do you think will happen? Are you looking forward to the movie? Please head down to the comments to leave your thoughts! Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th, 2019.

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