Warner Bros. Developing ‘Blue Beetle’ Movie

The list of “in development” movies at Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment has added another superhero to their infinite seeming list of movies, as the newest in development movie seems to be Blue Beetle. Blue Beetle is a comic book character that has been around since 1940, but has had a couple new people take over the helm of the Blue Beetle. With the changes of people taking over the helm of the Blue Beetle, there has been changes that come along with the takes on the character.

The original character was introduced in 1940 by Fox Feature Syndicate and Holyoke Publishing. The character was named Dan Garret and he was a rookie patrolman who took a pill the gave him superpowers and wore a special suit. The character was known to leave his signature scarab symbol at crime scenes to identify himself.  In 1964 Charleston Comics took over the comic and kept the characters name only adding an extra “t” to the last name. Although this time his origin was that of an archaeologist that discovered a mystical scarab he found during a dig in Egypt, where it had been used to imprison an evil mummified Pharaoh. He would transform into the Blue Beetle by saying the words “Kaji Dha!”

At this time also the second version of the character, Ted Kord was introduced in 1966. He was a former student of Garrett’s until one day during battle Garrett was killed and he took over the mantle of Blue Beetle. In 1983/84 he would then have a brief and unsuccessful stint under AC Comics both characters ultimately got taken over by DC Comics. Up until 2006 Ted Kord carried the mantle of Blue Beetle until DC decided to revamp the character while drawing on things form past comics.

The third and most popular version of Blue Beetle was introduced during the highlyJaime Reyes Blue Beetle DC Movie beloved “Infinite Crisis” story arc by DC when the Scarab that held the Blue Beetles powers was found in El Paso, Texas by teenager Jaime Reyes. When Reyes takes the scarab home it binds with his spine in his sleep giving him the powers of the Blue Beetle. The scarab gave him powers which allowed flight, enhanced strength and durability creation of weapons, translation of alien languages, and the ability to create and unleash powerful hand blasts/beam. He becomes friends with the superhero Booster Gold and later joins the Teen Titans.

The Jaime Reyes version of the Blue Beetle is the most popular and beloved by comic book fans. He has been in animation films such as Justice League vs. Teen Titans, television shows like Smallville and most recently video games as he made his appearance as character in Injustice 2. So what does this all have to do with a movie?

Well Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment announced that they will be adapting the story of Jaime Reyes’ Blue Beetle to the big screen. He also will be the first Latin superhero to have his story told on the big screen, another big win as DC was also the first to produce a female led superhero movie with Wonder Woman. It is unknown at this time if any of the previous Blue Beetle’s will have some sort of story or history in the movie since it seems Jaime Reyes will be the primary focus. This would also be a smart move for the World of DC as it would be their first real “teenage superhero” in the comic book world. While he is no Spider-Man, he could bring that type of feel to the World of DC.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see Blue Beetle on the big screen? Is his character popular enough to carry his own movie? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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