‘State Like Sleep Trailer: Katherine Waterston Stars in New Mystery Thriller

The first official trailer for State Like Sleep has been released. Starring Katherine Waterston as an American photographer and widow who can’t seem leave the death of her husband (Michiel Huisman) behind. She soon discovers a web of secrets that send her towards the mystery of her husband’s last days, taking her into the underbelly heart of Brussels, Belgium where she meets a few interesting characters with answers.

While I’m not completely locked in on the story due to the fact that it’s something we’ve seen over and over again, it’s a genre that always keeps interested, but most importantly, it’s the performances I’m looking forward to. Michael Shannon is always a lock, Luke Evans is extremely underrated, and Katherine Waterston has always been great but is still looking for that one role that will put her in a different category. State Like Sleep could very well be it.

It is a film festival entry, which usually leaves us dying to see it, but unfortunately it’s not something I’ll be jetting out to see come time next month. Nothing in this trailer, other than the intrigue of performances, hooked me into seeing this movie the second it hits theaters. It does hit demand that same week so maybe that’s the route I’ll be going?

What did you think of the trailer? Was there a moment that hooked you? What was it? Does it look uninteresting? Why? Also starring Mary Kay Place, Mark O’Brien, Rachel Wilson and Bo Martyn, State Like Sleep will have a limited release in early January.

One year after the mysterious death of her Belgian actor husband, American photographer Katherine (Katherine Waterston) returns to Brussels, a city filled with memories of the life she’s tried to leave behind. Their marriage was rocky, but Katherine’s return to the city forces her to finally confront her grief as she packs up the flat they once shared. In doing so, though, she discovers a web of secrets that propel her to probe the circumstances of her husband’s last days. Following in his footsteps, Katherine plunges into Brussels’s underground club scene, where she encounters a mysterious woman and a secret group of friends. At the same time, she meets Edward, a fellow American, who offers the possibility of a new future as she comes to terms with her troubled past.

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