First Look: Jessica Chastain Plays a Deadly Assassin in ‘Eve’

These days, it’s incredibly difficult to find an actress who can pull off any role that is put in front of them. While many actresses do in fact try to be versatile when it comes to projects, there are only a few that come to mind that can truly put their stamp on it. Jessica Chastain is one of those actresses.

Through her short lived years in the bright light of Hollywood, she has continuously shown her ability to adapt to her surroundings and deliver top-notch performance and top-notch performance. For me personally, and everyone around me knows this, but she’s is probably my favorite working actresses in the business right now. She has many roles that back up my argument, but it’s one of her many upcoming that has me possibly excited as ever.

The first official image for Eve has made its way online, which shows a bloody Chastain under a hoody. If you were just to look at this image, you wouldn’t really get what the movie or character is about. But once I say that Chastain is playing a “deadly assassin” in the movie, your whole perspective on the still changes. Did she just violently beat someone up? Kill someone? What kind of revenge acts will she participate in in the movie? Because plot details are very quiet at the moment, so many questions comes to pass through this simple image. And like I said earlier, while she’s played many powerful roles in the past, this is one of her most exciting for me because of the action potential it has.

The Girl on the Train director Tate Taylor is directing the film from a script by Matthew Newton (Who We Are Now). I didn’t mind The Girl on the Train, but that’s a significant statement due to how anticipated that movie was. It had Gone Girl vibes surrounding it months before its release, but completely missed the mark. Not completely for me, but enough to where it’s nearly forgettable from the past few years. While that does make me slightly nervous, he crushed it with The Help, which Chastain broke out in. Can they possibly recapture the magic together with this much more gritty story this time around? One can only help…

As I mentioned earlier, not a whole lot is known about the movie. Starring alongside Chastain is the ridiculously underrated Colin Farrell, John Malkovich Geena Davis and Common. Farrell, who currently starring in Steve McQueen’s Oscar-buzz film Widows, adds something to the project that only a handful are able to right now. He’s been one of the best working actors for years now, but has never seemed to get the recognition for it. Chastain herself is currently filming Andy Muschietti‘s It sequel and is also set to star as the villain (we think) in Simon Kingbird’s directorial debut X-Men: Dark Phoenix next summer. Thanks to Voltage Pictures, here’s a small excerpt of the film’s story:

Eve (Jessica Chastain) is a deadly assassin who works for a black ops organization, traveling the globe specializing in high profile hits. When a job goes dangerously wrong she is forced to fight for her own survival.

How does Eve sound to you? Is it a story that feels too similar to you or does Chastain and the rest of the cast get you excited to see it? Do you hope it becomes a violent action thriller? Head down to the comments to leave your thoughts! Voltage Pictures is currently shopping the project around for a 2018 release date.

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