The First Image for ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ Has Been Released & I’m Already Losing My Mind

Sylvester Stallone is making his triumphant return to the hardcore action franchise Rambo in 2019, and thanks to Lionsgate Films, we now have our first official look at the character in a very different kind of Rambo movie.

Production has been underway on Rambo V: Last Blood for a little while now. Just a few weeks ago we saw set photos that teased what Rambo could look like in the film, with this first look image all but confirming it. As Rambo has finally returned to the main land, he has turned in his classic bandana and tank top for a cowboy hat and a big belt buckle. The image is everything. As my title refers, I’m losing my mind over this image and idea of this final installment.

As the caption reads “Time to become war,” it’s obviously that Rambo is going to go absolutely bonkers on some very unfortunate souls. For starters, the title is obviously referencing a final hoo-rah for the character. Rambo has been overseas for decades and at the end of Rambo, the last entry, he revealed that he was going to go home. Last Blood picks that up as he has found his way to his family’s ranch in Arizona. But not all things stay peaceful, especially for John Rambo, as he eventually goes to war with a Mexican cartel after learning of a horrifying sex trafficking operation. He teams up with a journalist to find and rescue the group of girls.

How can you not be excited after hearing that? It’s everything this final installment should be as it will bring the entire franchise full circle. First Blood is and will always be considered the series leader, but Rambo (2008) was an incredible return to form for the character and movies. It was brutally violent and hopefully, just hopefully, Last Blood can bring that same mentality at an even higher level.

What do you guys think? First of all, are you a fan of the Rambo franchise? Are you looking forward to one last ride with the character? What gets you excited about the project? Is there something that doesn’t have you looking forward to it? Also starring Paz Vega and Oscar Jaenada, Rambo V: Last Blood is being directed by Adrian Grunberg and is being planned for 2019.

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