Michael Keaton & Seth Rogen Are Teaming-Up for the True Story Based ‘King of the Jungle’

While many would be shocked at hearing that Michael Keaton and Seth Rogen are teaming up for a true story based film, it’s quite easy to understand today after Rogen’s work he put in on Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs alongside Michael Fassbender. I would’ve said otherwise over 5 years ago, but now, I’m extremely intrigued by the idea of seeing these two very different actors play opposite of each other in such a riveting story.

King of the Jungle will tell the story of tech magnate John McAfee, played by Keaton, the creator of McAfee Antivirus who went rogue by cashing in on his fortune, leaving his normal life, and went to live in the jungle in Belize where he built a “paradise” for guns, sex and complete madness. Rogen will play Wired Magazine Investigator Ari Furman who thought he was traveling to Belize for your every day interview, only to find himself wrapped in McAfee’s alternate reality.

It sounds ridiculously interesting, and something that easily serves a big screen treatment. I will watch and follow Keaton in whatever he does, especially now, and while I don’t enjoy Rogen as much as I used to, I will admit that he was pretty fantastic in Steve Jobs, something that was definitely outside of his norm.

Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski (The People v. O.J. Simpson) wrote the script based on the Wired Magazine article by Joshua Davis, with Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (Crazy, Stupid, Love. and Focus) being tapped to direct. You may be wondering if the director’s of those two movie will be able to truly capture a story such as this, but what you may forget is that they also wrote The Who knows if it’s actually happening Joker and Harley Quinn spinoff for DC, which is enough evidence to show what kind of range they have as both filmmakers and screenwriters. If anything, it gets me intrigued to see what kind of tone they put forth for this story.

King of the Jungle currently has no studio backing it, but it will be sold off in the near future. With no official release date and it just beginning to cast, I wouldn’t expect to see this project until 2020, unless things are able to move unusually quickly in the coming weeks. For now, you can see Keaton next in Disney’s live-action remake of Dumbo, and Rogen in an upcoming romantic comedy alongside Charlize Theron, as well as Disney’s other live-action remake The Lion King next year as Pumbaa. What do you think of this news? Is this a dream team partnership? Is it too odd for you? How does the story sound to you? Sound off in the comments below!

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