Marvel Developing a Winter Solider & Falcon Team-Up Series for Disney’s Streaming Service!

What a time it is to be a Marvel fan! The Marvel Cinematic Universe has never been stronger. Not only are the movies kicking in an all-time high gear, both critically and box-office wise, but the MCU will officially be beginning its adventure on television next year when Disney drops their official streaming service (yet to be named). Just weeks ago it was revealed that Marvel Studios (not Marvel TV) will be creating limited miniseries for well known Marvel characters who don’t have their own franchises. Loki and Scarlet Witch were the first two be named, which we knew would be followed by others. We’ll get ready people! One of those “others” have been added to the list.

Variety had released the report not too long ago that Empire writer Malcom Spellman has been hired by the juggernaut studio to develop of Winter Soldier and Falcon miniseries for aforementioned Disney streaming service. This, as I mentioned, comes hot off the heels of the breaking news that these limited series would even happen. Just as Rom Huddleston and Elizabeth Olsen are expected to return to their roles, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie are as well after their breakout roles in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (yes, I know Sean was in The First Avenger).

This is huge not just for fans, but these actors and characters as well. Both Winter Soldier and Falcon became huge character after The Winter Soldier, something I don’t think Marvel expected. They are now fan favorite characters who have incredibly talented actors behind the costume. Both Stan and Mackie have proven their worth in not just the MCU, but other small and big films, too. Not only that, but they both clearly love being in this universe. If standalone movies aren’t able to fit in the movie universe, this is easily the next best thing. And it’s incredibly smart for multiple reasons, the biggest being that there is still a lot that can be learned and understood about both of them. Marvel clearly knows that after this move.

Only time will tell when the series will air, but it is more worthy that a writer has already been brought on board. Spellman is the first even though Loki and Scarlet Witch Series we’re announced first. Could this series be arriving much sooner than we thought it would? Another major conversation will also come up leading to its debut. With the question of whether or not Steve Rogers will die or move on in Avengers 4, these are the two characters leading the way to pick up the mantle. Could the series focus on that? Will either of them even pick up the shield? Now that this has been announced, some very fun debates and speculation will no doubt follow.

What do you think of this news? Are these the best choice of characters to put the spotlight on? Who would you have rather seen instead? Do you think the series will address the shield? Sound off in the comments below

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