Disney Is Reportedly Looking to Reboot the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Franchise

While Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been kicking butt at the box-office for well over a decade, it’s quite a different story when it comes to the creative side of things. Too many, the first and sometimes the second movie are the only ones worth talking about, even though there are a total of five movies. Even with that being the case, a new report has revealed that a new wave of the films will be in the works much sooner than we though.

Nothing has become official as of yet, but Deadline has reported that the studio is “exploring options” for the franchise as whole, which does include a complete reboot. Now the report does emphasize that these are just discussions and it’s extremely early to say anything, but when it comes to the business side of things, it does make complete sense for the studio. With five movies in the bucket, no matter what the “scores” say, the franchise has made a whopping $4.5 billion at the box-office since 2003. Whether it’s a reboot, sequel or any other kind of variation, the fact of the matter is that these movies are literally truck loads of money waiting to be backed up to the studio’s lot.

Now the biggest question with this news is whether or not previous cast members and/or characters would return and/or make appearances. Yes, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley let the franchise after three movies, only to make a very minor cameo in the last movie, which leaves the question of what the deal is with Johnny Depp and his infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. He’s a fan favorite character, and I personally think that he was a phenomenal character before the movies went into a downward spiral from three and beyond. The character is synonymous with Depp, but that doesn’t mean I think he should return. No matter my feelings on the character, I do think his story has dried up. It’s time to move on. Plus, it seems Depp is locked up with another massive franchise for the next so many years with Fantastic Beasts.

The most interesting aspect of this entire thing are the names that were included to possibly be involved. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, writer’s of both Deadpool and Zombieland, are apparently either being eyed or in talks to possibly write the screenplay for the new movie. While I can’t say I’m craving an “update” on these movies, I can’t deny the talent that is Reese and Wernick. If this does turn out to be the case, it will no doubt be a completely different take on the popular Disney ride. It won’t be cheesy or filled with ridiculous CGI scenes and ideas. No, no, no. Rather, Reese and Wernick will almost “meta” out the franchise, which is something they reached maximum height with in the two films I mentioned above. I would want a much deeper dive into the world that is Pirates of the Caribbean, maybe almost a more serious one (like Black Sails maybe?). If there’s a duo I can trust to at least try to reach that, it’s these two.

Anyway, you heard my thoughts, now why are yours? Do you want to see more stories from Captain Jack Sparrow? Is a reboot or “update” too early for the franchise? Do you even care? Make sure to leave all your thoughts in the comments section below! There’s no timetable on this news obviously, but we’ll keep you updated as quick as we can as the news trickles out.

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