‘Halloween’ Featurette Discusses Honoring the Iconic Mask 40 Years Later

The mask of Michael Myers is more than likely the most terrifying movie prop to ever be crafted. While the Halloween franchise has gone through its struggles, as most franchises do, the horror that comes with the character of Michael Myers has always stayed the same. With the latest entry into the series being released this weekend, and trailers grasping the movie-going audience, a brand new featurette for the film has been released to give fans and non-fans alike a different perspective and look into what those behind the film aimed to capture when trying to bring back a horror classic.

First of all, let’s talk about the early word of mouth. It’s bonkers good. At the slightest, I’ve heard some say it’s just good, not great, but they liked what it was doing. That hasn’t been said for this franchise in a very long time, not to this level anyway. It has left us who haven’t seen it ridiculously excited for what this film has to offer. But on top of what critics are saying, based on the trailers alone the movie looks awesome. Not just in the sense of slasher-ness or scares, but that overwhelming feeling of something happening, as well as story. The biggest issue this franchise has had is that it eventually turned into a slasher movie and a slasher movie alone. That’s not what made the original movie so good, and luckily, it seems like someone has actually figured out the code of Michael Myers.

The following featurette is a very good look at behind-the-scenes. It brings together all the major players that made this film possible, having them talk about how they tried to and wanted to honor the mask that is Michael Myers. It’s easily worth the look as it doesn’t feature any major spoilers to the movie. After checking it out, make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments! How does the film look to you? Are you watching it this weekend? Directed by David Gordon Green and starring Jaime Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Virginia Cardner, Will Patton and Nick Castle as Michael Myers, Halloween is released this weekend on October 19th.

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