Warner Bros. Is Looking at James Gunn to Write & Possibly Direct ‘Suicide Squad 2’

From the moment Disney finalized that James Gunn, who is responsible for the extremely popular Marvel Studios franchise Guardians of the Galaxy, would not be returning for the third film after some very irresponsible and just wrong tweets surfaced from Gunn’s Twitter account from years ago, fans of Gunn and his work have been clamoring to hear of anything that would hint at what would come next for the filmmaker. Will be ever return to Marvel? Is he going to step in on another big franchise? Will anyone hire him at all? Those are just a few of the many questions we’ve been asking, and thankfully, we have at least one answer today.

Thanks to a report from The Wrap, they’ve revealed that Warner Bros. has made the first move and are reportedly in talks with Gunn for him to write and possibly direct Suicide Squad 2. No other details have been released along with that, but there’s no doubt that this is a developing story.

As you all know, while Suicide Squad has its issues, it made a whopping $746 million at the box-office worldwide, with just a $175 million budget. Yes, the movie itself was a really bad miss, but with that kind of response from fans when it comes to buying tickets, a sequel is a no-brainer. For those of you who don’t know, the sequel has had a slightly bumpy road so far. There’s no doubt that WB wants to do it, but it’s had a few shake-ups behind-the-scenes. Gavin O’Connor (The Accountant) was hired to write and direct the project in September of last year. Once his draft was turned in, WB then hired two other writers to come in and work alongside O’Connor on a second draft. Nothing really has been revealed from that, but it seems like O’Connor wants to reteam Ben Affleck for a sports drama, which evidently resulted in his departure from the project. That’s where Gunn steps in.

This is a big deal for multiple reasons. First and most important, this shows that other studios aren’t afraid to hire Gunn. Yes, he tweets from years ago are shocking, but he’s a different person and everyone (but Disney) knows that. Secondly, Gunn has proven time and time again that he is capable of writing incredibly deep stories with compelling and pretty damaged characters, which is exactly what a Suicide Squad sequel needs. The first movie introduced a number of interesting characters, and while everything with the team itself and their chemistry was strong, it needed a little more. Gunn is the perfect fit for that.

Now unfortunately, we don’t have any news on whether or not the original cast will return. With WB and DC looking like their softly rebooting their universe, it could mean we see a completely new wave of super-villains form this team. For myself, I want nothing more than to see them all back. Whatever my feelings may be on the first movie, I think it would be a huge mistake to not bring these actors back and see what they’re all capable of under the direction from a filmmaker like Gunn. Now a big part of that is to not have WB take the film and Alice it to pieces like they did to David Ayer’s, but hopefully they’ve learned their lesson. Gunn is experienced, and his work with horror movies and very small budget movies gives him a perspective very few have. This movie needs to scale back and feel like an incredibly gritty and character driven story. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Gunn knows that, or at least knows what missteps the first movie had. But I pray to you, please bring back the magnificent cast that included Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Joel Kinnaman and Jai Courtney. I think I speak for us all when I say that we want nothing more than to see them be given something that the first movie had potential to be.

It’ll be very curious moving forward. Does Gunn scrap it all and do something completely new? Will WB make them restart with an entire new cast? There’s so many questions that need answer, and since the film has yet to be given a release date, we have plenty of time to have them answered. But don’t take too long… what do you think of this news? Did you lose your mind (like myself) or are you questioning the decision? Do you want to see the cast back for the sequel or something new? Should Gunn direct it or just write it? Sound off in the comments below!

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