Star Wars

Maul’s Epic ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Cameo is Now Online!

While Solo: A Star Wars Story was deemed a failure because of its box-office haul (debatable), the movie was still able to satisfy thousands of fans across the world. It was clear from the beginning that the movie wasn’t wanted, which was then followed by awful behind-the-scenes shake-ups that turned many fans off of the spinoff, if they weren’t already. Luckily, it ended up being a hell of a lot better than most people were expecting it to be, and also included one of the coolest Star Wars moments for fans.

As the final moments of the film were coming to a close, we fans were wondering how exactly the story would come to an end. Would they tease a sequel? Does its ending lead to something completely different? Well, we got our answer. That answer lied in the cold, non-dead hands of ex-sith Apprentice, Maul (reprised by Ray Park). His appearance was not only shocking, but way overdue. For us die-hards who pay attention to anything and everything canon, we know that Maul (no longer Darth Maul) has been alive and kicking in the galaxy since he was found going crazy by his brother Savage Oppress in the popular animated show The Clone Wars. From that moment, his story has expanded far beyond the force and Sith lords, as he’s been a main antagonist for many of our favorite heroes in both The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, which ended earlier this year. SPOILERS for Rebels follow. For those of us who watched the show, we know that Maul’s fate landed in the lap of one Obi-Wan Kenobi, literally. He met his end by the hands of Kenobi, as he should have. It was a sad moment as Maul was featured a helluva lot better in animation than live-action. Luckily, this surprising cameo in Solo does change that outlook. Could we see Maul in his own future story? What does Lucasfilm have planned? Was it just a nod for fans or could we see Maul kick names and take a** on the big screen once again? Many, many questions have come to light. Questions that no doubt need to be answered in the near future, with a huge emphasis on need. For now, you can now watch Maul’s epic appearance from Solo, which has now been released online with the films blu-ray just around the corner. After checking it out, leave your thoughts on everything from above in the comments. What do you think? Do we see Maul in his own movie soon? Sound off on everything below!

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