Jennifer Garner Wants Justice in New ‘Peppermint’ Clip

A brand new clip has been released for the upcoming Jennifer Garner action thriller Peppermint. Following the murder of her husband and daughter, a woman spends years learning to become a lethal killer. On the  five year anniversary of their death, she targets everyone responsible, including the gang that committed the crime, the lawyers that helped them get off and the corrupt cops helping them.

I’m all in on this movie. I’m sure it’ll receive a crappy score from critics and may not make a bunch of money at the box-office, but I cannot wait to see what kind of action Jennifer Garner is able to capture with this character. It look awesome. The last few years has seen a number of women take the lead in some extremely violent action movies, and while we’ve seen Garner in a role somewhat similar to this with Elektra, this story has no element of supernatural or superhero abilities, making me that much more excited to see Garner be involved in some gritty and real action.

Check out the new clip for Peppermint below and after doing so, head down to the comments and let me know your thoughts on the movie. Are you looking forward to it? Are Jennifer Garner’s action days over? Directed by Pierre Morel and also starring John Gallagher Jr., Annie Ilonzeh and John Ortiz, Peppermint hits theaters on September 7th.

When her husband and daughter are gunned down in a drive-by, the heroine wakes up from a coma and spends years learning to become a lethal killing machine. On the 10th anniversary of her family’s death, she targets everyone she holds responsible, the gang that committed the act, the lawyers that got them off, and the corrupt cops that enabled the murderous incidents.

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