Dwayne Johnson Will Play a Hawaiian King for Robert Zemeckis in ‘The King’

Dwayne Johnson has solidified himself as the King of Hollywood. Not only is he one of the most charismatic persons on the planet, but he dominates the film industry with a drive and work ethic that is truly second-to-none. He’s currently filming Disney’s Jungle Cruise and also has other projects like Big Trouble In Little China and Doc Savage in the works, but now, he just officially signed on to become an official King for director Robert Zemeckis. Johnson will team with the Back to the Future director to play Hawaiian King Kamehameha wth a script from Braveheart screenwriter Randall Wallace.

After a massive bidding war for the project, which is deservingly so when a script from Randall Wallace is involved, it is now officially being backed by Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema. Deadline broke the news yesterday and in their report, they revealed that this is somewhat of a passion project for Johnson. According to Deadline, Johnson expressed interest in playing this role way back when he broke through as an actor on set The Mummy Returns. With Johnson being from Hawaii and of big Polynesian descent, it’s not all that surprising that this role and story is extremely personal to him.

I only threw a few projects out there that Johnson i currently working on, but his list is truly endless. On top of Jungle CruiseBig Trouble In Little China and Doc Savage, he also has the first ever Fast & Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw and the sequel to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. At the same time, he was announced as Black Adam like a million years ago and although we’re not too sure the plans for his DC introduction, there are a few upcoming DC projects that could easily include him in there. Keeping all that in mind, The King won’t enter production until 2020. While that might be a disappointment to many, it gives Johnson, Zemeckis and Wallace plenty of time to get everything right before filming begins.

This is awesome. It truly is. Johnson is everywhere these days, obviously, but when he touches a project like this it instantly becomes much more anticipated than it ever was before. Sure, Johnson has had some rough movies in the past and he’s even had movies that ultimately seem like “cash grabs,” but this is a true film. This just isn’t your everyday blockbuster. It’s meant to be a historical epic that touches on a side of the world, and its people, that is rarely shown on screen. Having Zemeckis aboard is great, a script from Wallace is even better, but the fact that it’s Johnson playing this role and how involved he likes staying in the entire process, it makes this film one that everyone should be paying attention to now, not just two years down the road.

What do you think of this news? Is it too perfect to have Johnson play this role? How about Robert Zemeckis directing? Does Wallace’s script make it an instant hit? Head down to the comments and leave your thoughts and whether or not you know the history behind Hawaiian King Kamehameha.

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