First ‘Hold the Dark’ Trailer Reveals Jeremy Saulnier’s ‘Green Room’ Follow-Up

Netflix has released the first official trailer for Hold the Dark, their upcoming thriller from director Jeremy Saulnier. Saulnier, who is responsible for the critically acclaimed neo-nazi thriller Green Room, heads to Northern Alaska for his latest story, which will follow a retired naturalist and wolf expert (Jeffrey Wright) who is summoned to a remote village in Northern Alaska. Hired by a young mother (Riley Keough) to hunt down the wolf pack that killed her son, the young woman’s husband (Alexander Skarsgard) returns home from fighting in Iraq to find out his son is gone, which leads to what’s being called a “series of violent events.”

That synopsis is truly only the beginning. If you’re already interested and basically sold on the film before even watching the trailer, I recommend not even watching it. This new trailer reveals a completely different side of the film, and it’s mighty intriguing. It very much keeps in line with the kind of events Saulnier told in Green Room, but with a much more cold feeling. It’s fantastic, and I’m crying my fingers I get to see it in theaters.

There’s definitely a larger scale, or canvas if you will, that Saulnier is painting with this time around. he’s scaling upwards as a director and as his film progression has displayed, he’s become a director that can flat-out tell stories. The ideas he’s toying with are phenomenal, ones that aren’t really being touched right now. That’s why this film isn’t only interesting, but could make a major impact on the community.

Check out the first official trailer below, and make sure to head down to the comments section to leave your thoughts on it. How did you react? Are you interested or is it too much? What do you think of the story and setting? Also starring James Badge Dale, Saulnier’s Hold the Dark will have a limited released in theaters and hit Netflix on September 28th.

Retired naturalist and wolf expert Russell Core (JEFFREY WRIGHT) journeys to the edge of civilization in northern Alaska at the pleading of Medora Slone (RILEY KEOUGH), a young mother whose son was killed by a pack of wolves. As Core attempts to help Medora track down the wolves who took her son, a strange and dangerous relationship develops between the two lonely souls.

But when Medora’s husband Vernon (ALEXANDER SKARSGARD) returns home from the Iraq War, the news of his child’s death ignites a violent chain of events. As local cop, Donald Marium (JAMES BADGE DALE), races to stop Vernon’s vengeful rampage, Core is forced on a perilous odyssey into the heart of darkness.

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