Star Wars

First ‘Star Wars Resistance’ Trailer Reveals the New Disney Animated Show

Major developments have been made in the Star Wars animated universe since the end of Star Wars Rebels earlier this year. Not only was the revival of Star Wars: The Clone Wars announced with thunderous applause at San Diego Comic Con last month, which will debut on Disney’s streaming service next year, but today brought out first official look at the next chapter in the animated galaxy: Star Wars Resistance.

Besides a few small details, not much has been revealed about the new series. Thanks to its first official trailer, we now have a full grasp of what the show will be about and how it will go about telling it. The show will follow new character Kaz, who has been assigned a mission by Poe Dameron (voiced by Oscar Isaac) to go undercover at a gigantic re-fueling station on an outer rim water planet full of brand new characters. There, Kaz is joined by BB-8 where he will meet new friends, foes and must compete dangerous sky races to keep his mission a secret from his new-found family and avoid danger from the ever-growing first Order.

It’s quite clear that this is a very different kind of Star Wars series. While both The Clone Wars and Rebels appealed to both children and adults, Resistance seems to be directly shooting for the younger audience. The trailer and style of show gives that vibe very much, but for myself, it hit me as soon as I noticed the show will be placed on Disney Channel, rather than Disney XD where Rebels aired for four seasons.

Since the trailer has been released, I’ve heard and read many comments referring to the “kiddish” feel of the show. Why is that such a bad thing? Yes, we’re spoiled with real and sometimes pretty gritty Star Wars content these days, but remember, this franchise was created with the purpose of giving the younger generation something to look forward to. George Lucas has continuously claimed that he made Star Wars for the kids, and for that reason, I commend Filoni and company for giving us a different taste from what they normally give us. I’ll be checking it when the time comes, and hopefully it’s just as fun and interesting as its predecessors.

Check out the first official trailer below, and please leave your thoughts in the comments! Are you a Star Wars animated fan? How do you feel about the trailer? Is this what you were expecting it to look like? Star Wars Resistance will premiere on Disney Channel on October 7th at 10:00 pm EDT/PDT.

In the one-hour premiere titled “The Recruit,” Poe and BB-8 assign newly-appointed spy Kaz to the Colossus, a massive aircraft re-fueling platform on an outer rim water planet, home to colorful new aliens, droids and creatures. While undercover, Kaz works as a mechanic and lives with Poe’s old friend Yeager, a veteran pilot who operates a starship repair shop run by his crew: Tam, Neeku and their old battered astromech droid, Bucket. Kaz soon finds himself in over his head with his new friend BB-8 as he’ll have to compete in dangerous sky races, keep his mission a secret from his newfound family, and avoid the danger of the First Order.

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