First Look: Jeffrey Wright & Alexander Skarsgard Star In Netflix’s ‘Hold the Dark’

Netflix has revealed the first official look at their upcoming snowy thriller Hold the Dark. The film comes from acclaimed filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier, who has been nothing but superb in every one of his outings. His most recent film, the neo-nazi Green Room, hit another level with the film world, which made whatever he would do next one of the most anticipated films of the year. Enter Hold the Dark.

The film follows a retired naturalist and wolf expert (Jeffrey Wright) who is summoned to a remote village in Northern Alaska. Hired by a young mother (Riley Keough) to hunt down the wolf pack that killed her son, the young woman’s husband returns home from fighting in Iraq to find out his son is gone, which leads to what’s being called a “series of violent events.”

Quite honestly, it’s a pretty basic premise that could have easily been used a time or two before on a VOD movie or even a previous Netflix film. But there’s a massive difference between those movies and this one, Jeremy Saulnier. Because he’s going to bring to this movie what he brought to Green Room, it instantly makes it a different kind of film. Actually, early word of mouth on the film says it goes to shocking places, places you never even thought of. That’s exciting.

Saulnier once again collaborated with his longtime partner Macon Blair on the script. It’s set to debut at Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) next month, which will be followed by it’s Netflix premiere on September 28th. While I’m expecting to hear nothing short of amazing out of TIFF, it shall be interesting what that response means for the film. Will it get some kind of theatrical release in case it’s award worthy? Only time will tell.

What do you think of Hold the Dark? Do you like the cast, led by Wright? How about the premise? Is it too basic or do you think Saulnier can turn it into something really special? Also starring James Badge Dale, look out for an official release announcement on Hold the Dark very soon.

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