Watch Joe & Anthony Russo (Try) to Explain Their Choices at the End of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Only time will tell if Avengers: Infinity War will be considered one of the best films of the year, however, there’s no doubt in my mind that its ending will go down as the most shocking. It was absolutely brilliant, and while it may have upset or even confused thousands of fans across the world, it could not have been any better. It’s such a controversial climax that even four months after its release, we’re still talking about it.

The biggest question about that epic finale is why directors Joe and Anthony Russo chose those specific characters to be “dusted.” Why? What is the reasoning behind their choices? We just met Black Panther and Spider-Man, so why? And Groot! Why teenage Groot? Luckily, the true answer will lie within the core of Avengers 4, which isn’t two or three years away like a normal Avengers movie. It’s next year!

Until then, to celebrate the release of the Infinity War blu-ray, Marvel has released a series of videos that have the Russo’s kind of explaining their choices behind those dusted characters. Along with that, I’ve attached some of the videos that came along with this featurette, which just scratch the surface of some of the core pieces of the film. If you want to see or learn more, the blu-ray and its special features will no doubt hold your answers.

What do you think of the featurettes? Why do you think those specific characters were chosen? Will Avengers 4 give us answers? Will they all return or just some? Sound off in the comments below and make sure to pick up Avengers: Infinity War on 4K, blu-ray and DVD today!

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