Watch 3 New Clips for ‘Mile 22’

With the film now so close, STX Entertainment has released a batch of new clips to either keeps the audience’s interest or bring in those who may have been a bit hesitant towards the film in the beginning. The film is directed by Peter Berg and stars Mark Wahlberg as one of the CIA’s most prized operatives, and along with secret-tactical command team, he must transport a high priority asset along a lethal stretch of 22 enemy filled miles.

I for one have been looking forward to this one from the get-go. Having absolutely loved every single one of Berg and Wahlberg’s previous team-ups, why would I expect anything different from this one? The only different is that this time, it’s not based on a true story, which only furthers my excitement for the project because it gives these guys full range of motion. Berg can craft the story however he likes rather than sticking to a source material. In my opinion, that can only make the movie better.

In a year full of some high-quality action films, most of those have been comic book centric stories that, let’s face it, are unrealistic in our world. The only comparison this movie has for 2018 is Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Not let’s be honest, this movie has a very high bar that was set by that movie, and if it’s even able to come somewhat close with a story that keeps me interested and entertained, than it’s going to be a complete success for me.

Check out the trio of new clips below, and after doing so, head down to the comments and leave your thoughts! Are you looking forward the movie as much as I am? What about it does or doesn’t interest you? Also starring Lauren Cohan, Ika Uwais, Rhonda Rousey and John Malkovich, Mile 22 is released in theaters on August 17th.

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