Ryan Reynolds Producing a Stoner Version of ‘Home Alone’ Called ‘Stoned Alone’

While it isn’t hard to imagine Home Alone being remade at some point in the future with all of the Hollywood remakes that have been happening. But it’s safe to say that none of us expected a Home Alone movie to be redone as a stoner comedy. Well it sounds like this is exactly what is going to be happening. 20th Century Fox has decided that they are going to remake one of their beloved classics but this time with a hard R rating. The title of the movie, Stoned Alone.

It is being reported that Ryan Reynolds is set to take the helm and produce the movie as well as potentially star in the movie. As far as directing, that task has been given to Augustine Frizzell who recently directed Never Goin’ Back and the script is being written by Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider who wrote the Netflix movie The Package. The script is being written by The plot for Stoned Alone is that a 20 something year old kid misses his flight for a ski trip he was planning on going on and instead decides to just stay home and get stoned, but only to discover that people are breaking into his house.

If Ryan Reynolds does take part in the movie, he clearly is not going to be able to play the part of the 20 year old, so what role he can partake in it is anyones best guess. I think the main role could be hilarious if it was maybe Dave Franco or Zac Efron. I think that it would be hilarious to have Seth Rogen and James Franco be the burglars in the movie since stoner comedies are right up their alley.

But what do you think? Do you want to see a remake of Home Alone except as a stoner comedy? Or is this just a dumb idea? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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