Here’s All the Exclusive SDCC Posters Released This Weekend

San Diego Comic Con is all about the experience. The people, the booths, everything that goes on in a span of four days is truly a once in a lifetime experience, unless you go every single you. In the case, I despise you. Anyway, inside that experience is also the number of different goodies you may be very lucky to get, including posters. Along with all the new trailers that drop, new posters are brought along with them, which you can see below.

The best thing about all of the following posters is how rapidly different they are from each other; types of artwork, colors, style, everything. My personal favorite is forĀ The Predator. The use of the skulls is absolutely fantastic. And of course, I can’t complain AT ALL about the mondo poster forĀ Avengers: Infinity War. It’s the best poster for the film, period.

What do you think about all these new posters? Which one is your favorite? How do you fair with all the new trailers? Have a favorite or two? Sound off in the comments below!

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