Slideshow Collectibles Figure Reveals Classic ‘Aquaman’ Costume

San Diego Comic Con is just days away, and while we’re all looking forward to the panels and special goodies that studios will bring with them, there’s already thing to get excited about. As the convention center floor gets set-up leading up to the big weekend, many stands and displays are set up to set the bar, mainly collectible and suit stands. We’ve seen some great stuff in the past, but Slideshow Collectibles just dropped a geeky new bomb for us all.

The character of Aquaman has arguably gotten the least amount of love in the DCEU so far, but that’s about to change really quick. Much of the debating has come around his costume, as nobody will or even should try to argue against Jason Momoa as the character. Anyway, I’m personally on the side of fans that argue against the heavy armor look Arthur Curry was given in Justice League. It’s safe to say he needed it for the situation he was in, but it just never felt like that character, played by Momoa specifically, would wear something like that. Luckily, that might only last a tad bit longer.

Slideshow Collectibles is one of the bigger attractions in the early hours Comic Con, mainly due to the fact that each year they not only bring incredibly detailed figures of some of our favorite character, but figures that sometimes give us our first real look at an upcoming costume or character. This time, the latter has taken place as Slideshow Collectibles quietly displayed new figures for Aquaman, figures that give us our first real look at the classic look for Aquaman, which looks like it’ll debut in James Wan’s Aquaman later this year.

If this suit does in fact show up in the movie, I will lost my mind. In my opinion, this look is so much better than what he was given in Justice League. It’s always good to have some armor in a fight, but the character of Aquaman isn’t your everyday character. He has some amazing gifts, and also lives under water for the majority of time, which is why he has always had a wetsuit type of costume. While it doesn’t need to be straight latex, I’m very happy to see an iteration of his classic duds finally coming to screen.

What do you think of the new look? Are you excited to see this costume show up or would you rather see the armor the entire time? How about Black Manta? His costume is key to his character, does it look like it’s been designed correctly? Look out for the first official Aquaman this weekend! James Wan’s Aquaman swims into theaters on December 21st.