Homes Is Calling in the First ‘Aquaman’ Teaser Poster

San Diego Comic-Con is right around the corner, and what will no doubt be the biggest debut of the entire convention (we think), Warner Bros. has dropped the first teaser poster for James Wan’s upcoming standalone underwater adventure Aquaman. It’s also a little bit of celebration towards the studio lifting the set visit embargo for a number of different outlets across the country. You can see all those juicy details across the worldwide web.

The poster is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the DCEU. Wonder Woman is an accomplishment that broke the curse for the studio who is desperately wanting an extended universe, but with Aquaman, if successful, it could change the game completely. The vibrant nature of the poster is something only this film can offer, as the world underneath the ocean’s surface is full of exciting new stuff that hasn’t been featured in a DC film thus far. And with director James Wan, who is highly sought out by a number of studio’s after his success with The Conjuring and Furious 7, and star Jason Momoa, they alone bring something to the project that have more than just a few people very excited.

With SDCC arriving in just a matter of days, that also means that we’ll be getting our first official look at the film via trailer. While most of WB’s massive trailers have been SDCC exclusives in the past, it would come to no surprise if they dropped it at the con then online shortly after as the studio has a lot of bodies to win over. They’ve struggled recently, and with Aquaman being their first film since the underwhelming Justice League, it seems that it would be smart to show it to the world rather than keep it under lock and key to a few thousand eyes.

Make sure you keep an eye out here for anything big coming out of SDCC this weekend, including the first official Aquaman trailer. What do you think of the poster? With only images and this poster released, is Aquaman WB and DC’s saving grace? Also starring Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Willem DaFoe, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Nicole Kidman,Wan’s Aquaman swims into theaters on December 21st.

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