‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Blu-Ray Announcement Arrives with 3 Clips!

It’s pretty hard to believe that Avengers: Infinity War was released just under three months ago. It seems like yesterday that I was excitedly speed-walking towards the theater, waiting somewhat patiently for the movie to start. I saw the film four times in theaters, and soon, I’ll be able to add many more viewings to that number.

It was officially revealed yesterday that the Joe and Anthony Russo film would arrive on digital on July 31st, and blu-ray August 14th. Both digital and the blu-ray are said to have over two hours of bonus footage, with the blu-ray also reportedly featuring what’s being called the “Thanos Cut,” which is rumored to have an extra thirty minutes included on this version of the director’s cut. Why is it called the Thanos Cut? Well, other than obvious reasons, that thirty minutes is said to also include the Mad Titan’s backstory, which was cut from the film late in post-production. That. Is. Massive.

Tagging along with that amazing news was an official blu-ray trailer, which also came with a trio of clips! Now we’ve all seen the movie, obviously, but they clearly know that we’ll watch every bit and piece we can until we can all own it personally. So check out not just the pretty badass blu-ray trailer below, but the official clips as well! And make sure to pick up Avengers: Infinity War when it hits both digital and blu-ray stands everywhere in just a matter of weeks.

What did you think of Infinity War? Did it live up to the hype? Was Thanos’ arrival worth the wait? What were some of your favorites parts? Anything you didn’t like?


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