Yes, ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Will Include Billy Dee Williams’ Lando!

Rejoice! Star Wars fans rejoice! We’ve been begging and pleading, speculating and debating, and now it is finally happening. From the moment a sequel trilogy was announced back in 2012, the question was always whether or not the original cast members would return to their iconic roles. We got our answer, but one always seemed to be missing, Billy Dee Williams. Hsis character of Lando isn’t in the trifecta of OG’s when it comes to Star Wars, but he’s loved just as much and fans everywhere,
including myself, would love to see him return to the galaxy far, far away. Thankfully, we have our answer.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, after many weeks and months of rumors, THR’s courses have confirmed that Williams will indeed make a comeback and bring his charming Lando Calrissian back into the fold for the first time since 1983 in Return of the Jedi. Rejoice!

Now, one can wonder why Lucasfilm has decided to do this now and not back in The Force Awakens or even The Last Jedi. With a braintrust at the studio and a plan in place, maybe this was always their move, to include him in the final chapter of the Skywalker Saga. Or the other possibility, which consists of fans rapidly applauding over young Lando in Solo, thanks to a fantastic performance by Donald Glover. His turn as the character and the reaction the studio received for including him could’ve very well been the tipping point to give J.J. Abrams the thumbs up to including him in this story. Whatever the case may, I’m sure every Star Wars fan out there is just as excited as I am to see him back.

Look out for much more news from the Star Wars galaxy as Williams return is the second casting news in less than a week. As always, we’ll have every bit of news possible here as soon as possible. What do you think of Billy Dee Williams return? Is it the right time? How big of a role do you think he’ll play? Let me know in the comments! Directed by J.J. Abrams, Star Wars: Episode IX currently holds a December 20th, 2019 release date.

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