Rupert Sanders to Direct Scarlett Johansson in ‘Rub and Tug’

Rupert Sanders and Scarlett Johansson have decided that they will be timing up again for a movie that is surely going to peak the interest of many. Deadline broke the news that New Regency has secured the rights to their next film Rub and Tug that is described as a vein version of American Hustle. The film is actually a true story that has been based off facts and speculations.

The film revolves around its main character Jean Marie Gill. Gill is described as a larger than life character who didn’t shy away from the mob and became a crime kingpin in 1970’s Pittsburgh. She ran a empire of illicit massage parlors which also were used by players of the Pittsburgh Steelers do secretly inject anabolic steroids which helped lead to their dynasty in 70’s football. While she is doing this she is impersonating a man and leaning on her allies in the gay community to help her grow this vast empire. The story however follows her romance with her girlfriend, Cynthia, that defines her and is the heart of the story.

The story has a lot going on and definitely has a really interesting story once you get over the shock of the movies title. The movie is really going to revolve around Johansson and her role as Jean Marie Gill. From what we have been told, Gill was a larger than life person who commanded the respect of men and women. She was a sauce business person while making herself known. Scarlett Johansson definitely knows how to make her presence known on the big screen so this should be exciting to see her play this role on the big screen.

So what do you guys think? Are you guys excited for Rub and Tug? It definitely is a movie we need to keep an eye on for future news. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Scarlett Johansson Rupert Sanders Ghost in a Shell

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