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Kevin Feige Confirms Another Sequel Will Eventually Happen for a Certain Dead Character

We all know by now that Thanos wiped out half of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and
taking with him the likes of almost all theĀ Guardians of the Galaxy, Bucky, Falcon, Spider-Man and Black Panther. But one Avenger who got dusted away has yet to have a sequel announced but was very important in Avengers: Infinity War was Doctor Strange. Well it sounds like we will for sure be seeing Doctor Strange resurrected from the dust.

Kevin Feige has let it be known that the good Doctor will be getting a sequel at some point. He was quoted saying:

“Doctor Strange, you know, whenever we do another Strange one, which we will do, it will be a number of years from the first Strange, and yet he’s a very important part of Infinity War.”

So we can summarize from the quote that we will for sure be getting a Doctor Strange
sequel at some point in the future but when is a bit unknown. We can maybe guess around a 2020 or 2021 release date because you don’t want to get too far away from the original. Doctor Strange has a pretty rich comic history with many characters that fans will want to see or see more of including Baron Mordo, Clea, Mindless Ones, Brother Voodoo, Mephisto and maybe even Dormammu in a more physical form. Director Scott Derrickson has in the past already stated that he plans to use Nightmare as the villain and would be the focus of the sequel.

So what do you think? Are you excited that Doctor Strange will be getting a sequel? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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