Empire Reveals Our First Look at ‘The Conjuring’ Spinoff ‘The Nun’; First Trailer Drops Tomorrow

When we think of movie universe’s, we think of Marvel, DC, Star Wars and even Transformers. While this franchises have either been thriving or diving in the cinematic universe format, James Wan’s shared universe inside the horror franchise The Conjuring is chugging along with ease. Following the easy success of The Conjuring, we saw an Annabelle spinoff focusing on the creepy ass doll teased in the first movie, then The Conjuring 2 and then Annabelle: Creation. While we wait for what comes next from either of those series, a new spinoff is about to take screens, The Nun.

The horrifying demon that first showed up in the opening scene of The Conjuring 2 is now finally getting a long overdue spinoff from director Corin Hardy (The Hallow). The fifth movie in the shared horror universe is set in 1950s Romania and will finally reveal the dark origins of Valek, the demonic Nun, by following Father Burke and his assistant Sister Irene (played by Vera Farming’s younger sister Taissa Farmiga) who are tasked with investigating a suicide at a convent. It sounds absolutely dreadful, and as Empire’s first look image reveals, it looks dreadful as well.

Horror films aren’t for everyone, but this expanded universe Blumhouse has created is phenomenal. Sure, Annabelle was the dud of the series this far, but this franchise has absolutely thrived on giving us something different every time a new movie comes out by focusing on a different part of time. Hardy himself teases that that aspect of his film and the universe overall is the ultimate draw:

“The period and the setting and the scope of it hark back to really classic, old-school, scarlet-blooded horror films,” Hardy tells Empire. “And I loved that the story was a character-driven mystery as well as a scary horror movie.”

It’s also been revealed that the first trailer for the movie will be released tomorrow, where you’ll be able to see it right here not too far after. We’ll also have a trailer reaction up on our YouTube channel, which you can check out here. For now, check out the brand new poster below and leave your thoughts in the comments! Also starring Demián Bichir and Bonnie Aarons, The Nun is released on September 7th

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