Warner Bros. Is Now Developing a ‘Suicide Squad’ Spinoff for Jared Leto’s Joker

The DC cinematic universe, or DCEU as it’s known, has been in a huge state of flux since the massive disappointment of Justice League last year. It’s not just switching movies around or getting a new writer here or there, but a total flip. We’ve seen a universe that once had a handful of years planned ahead, crumble in front of us and try to start fresh. Unfortunately, that “fresh” start they’re looking at, it’s beginning to look even more scrambled than it was before.

We’ve seen and heard some pretty odd choices from the studio behind DC Films over the last year. This movie is happening, this won’t isn’t. We’re getting 3 movies of this character, while no sequel for this one. It’s been mumble jumble for months, and sadly, that only continues with the latest news. As first reported by Variety, Warner Bros. is now developing a spinoff that will be solely dedicated to their Clown Prince of Crime. If you’re a fan of these movies, don’t worry, because it will star Jared Leto as The Joker. Leto debuted as the character back in 2016 for David Ayer’s super-villain team-up Suicide Squad.

As Variety revealed, and if the project does in fact happen, Leto will star and executive produce the project. They said that Leto and the studio are currently shopping around for a writer, with the studio wanting the script to expand on the world introduced in Suicide Squad, that could also tie into future movies (aka a universe within a universe, duh). Since Suicide Squad was released, the studio has been looking to expand on that world, as they currently have all these films in some-kind of development: Suicide Squad 2Gotham City Sirens/Birds of Prey, and a Joker/Harley Quinn spinoff featuring both Leto and Margot Robbie.

It’s also worth mentioning that WB currently has a completely separate Joker movie in the works from director Todd Phillips (The Hangover). That movie will apparently be executive produced by Martin Scorsese, with Joaquin Phoenix reportedly in talks to star in the role. That movie will be the inaugural movie of a separate banner of DC films, away from the current DCEU timeline.

It’s extremely interesting to see this studio operate with its DC properties. Before Justice League hit theaters, the slate was clean and the train was moving along nicely. But since then, it’s a steaming pile of you know what. It seems as if the studio has no idea what they’re doing. That, or they’re letting everyone on the board pick a movie they want to see done, with Joker obviously being the top choice. Yes, there are a few other properties either already on their way or in the process, but it seems as if the studio is putting on their chips on audiences obsessing over the most bad guy stories possible, and that’s a big risk for a studio who is already in hot water with fans.

What do you think of this news? Do you want this Leto Joker movie? Do you want all the Joker/Harley Quinn movies that are suppose to be coming or would you rather see the studio put effort towards other big characters? Sound off in the comments!

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