‘Logan’ Director James Mangold to Write & Direct Boba Fett ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff

In celebration of Solo: A Star Wars Story being released, Disney and Lucasfilm have officially announced a Boba Fett spinoff in the works. If you remember, before Rogue One and Solo were headed our way, the first ever Star Wars spinoff was going to be focused on the galaxy’s most lethal bounty hunter. That was before everything fell apart with director Josh Trank and the on-set issues of the Fantastic Four reboot. But it seems that after a few years off and getting two very strong spinoffs under their belts, the studio is looking to take another crack at it with a big-time director.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, writer and director of Logan, yes Logan, James Mangold will be jumping over to the galaxy far, far away in the form of bounty hunters. THR revealed late yesterday that Mangold will be in charge of both writing and directing for the new spinoff, just as he was for the phenomenal Logan.

If this is indeed the project that Trank was working on, a Boba Fett movie has been around for years, with never really making any strides. Following Trank’s firing from the project, Solo took over its spot on the schedule, where we are today. While not much came of it over the past few years, a rumor in December pointed to writer/producer and director of X-Men: Dark Phoenix Simon Kinberg possibly working on a Fett project. Kinberg was part of the “early” Lucasfilm braintrust and has been involved with a Fett movie for years. And while Kinberg and Mangold have a strong working relationship due to their time in the X-Men universe, it’s unclear whether or not they’re working together or if it’s even the same project.

Quickly, I can’t be more excited to see Mangold’s name attached to this film. Not only is he responsible for the ridiculously good Logan, but the highly underrated 3:10 to Yuma as well. His direction with story and characters makes him shockingly perfect for this character. I can’t want to hear more.

This news isn’t a shock to any fan. Boba Fett is one of the most popular Star Wars characters in all of fandom, despite having very little screen time and only a handful of lines. But thanks to some badass armor, that oh how I miss you so much expanded universe, a few canon novels/comics and even animated series, his fan stock is one of the highest of any of the characters, which makes complete sense as to why Disney and Lucasfilm would take advantage of that. And give fans a story the character deserves.

On the other hand, one can argue that the studio is only continuing to make the universe smaller by going back to the same well. While the saga films are different and Rogue One was very original, Solo, this and the eventual Obi Wan spinoff are all focused on characters who are at the height of popularity for Star Wars. We may want to see these stories and love them at the end of the day, sure, but they’re names we’ve seen for decades now. The Star Wars GALAXY is huge and full of adventures and characters who could easily keep us entertained, will we ever get them?

Anyway, what do you think of these news? Is Boba Fett the next best spinoff for the studio? How about Mangold as writer and director? Is his style from Logan make him perfect for this job? Who do you want to see play Fett? Sound off below!

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