Halle Berry & More Join ‘John Wick: Chapter 3’

Production has begun on the highly anticipated final act of the John Wick franchise. As filming begins, so has the addition of new and old cast members. With it being the third entry in the surprise hit series, it’s no surprise that Lionsgate would want to up the ante and not just include some familiar faces, but fresh ones as well, especially since the story promises to have John Wick coming across many individuals as he fights his way out of New York City.

The film will see Ian McShane, Laurence Fishburne and Lance Reddick return to their roles alongside Keanu Reeves. As for those new names? The female lead has landed in the lap of Halle Berry, who is no doubt a fantastic nab to be opposite Reeves’ Wick. She will be playing a character named Sofia, who is reportedly not a villain. Maybe not everyone is after Wick in the threequel?

Chapter 3 has also added Anjelica Huston as “The Director,” Asia Kate Dillon (Orange is the New BlackBillions) as The Adjudicator of the High Table, Jason Mantzoukas (The League) as “The Tick Tock Man,” and Mark Dacascos (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as an assassin named Zero. A few fighting masters have joined as well: Yayan Ruhian and Cecep Arif Rahman from The Raid and martial artist Tiger Hu Chen will all play characters who will have incredible action scenes with Reeves, but more than likely die at the hands of The Boogeyman.

Now that’s a casting list. As I mentioned earlier, the story will pick up directly after the events of Chapter 2 and will have Wick on the run, trying to escape the city after the biggest contract ever has been placed on him for killing a member of The High Table. Every assassin in the city will be hunting for Wick’s blood, and if we’re to take his talents from the first two installments seriously, that means bad things for many of those coming after him, which means lots of new cast members. I’m particularly interested in Halle Berry. It’ll be fun to see what kind of character Sofia is, how she is countering Reeves, and if she’ll get back to some kick-ass action as she did in James Bond.

What do you think of these castings? Which one is your favorite and how much are you looking forward to the final John Wick? Will he make it out alive? Directed by Chad Stahelski, John Wick: Chapter 3 will be released on May 19th, 2019.

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