Watch the Evolution of Captain America In New Video

Captain America has not only become one of the few staples of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but movies in general. His presence on screen through the years before the MCU was lackluster, but ever since his time with the Avengers began, he’s become one of those characters that makes it very hard to see the last 7 years without. Now, his time under the star-spangled uniform inside the MCU speaks for itself, but what about all his there screen appearances over the years? Thanks to a new video, we now have the answer.

Burger Fiction¬†over on YouTube has become of the more popular channels when it comes to pop culture, film and TV. For their “evolution of” series, BF takes the character and finds every possible incarnation of that character on screen and allows us, as viewers, to see the growth the character has taken through the years. For someone like Cap, it’s pretty massive, but quite amazing to see how far the telling of Steve Rogers has come.

Check out the full video below and make sure to head over to the link above and check out all the other videos they have up on their channel. What do you think about Cap’s evolution? Where does he rank on your superhero spectrum? Is he passed his prime or does he still have some life left in him?

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