Posters: ‘Terminal’, ‘Sicario 2’, ‘Halloween’, ‘Skyscraper’ & More

Hey look, new posters! We see new posters every day now, for both big and small movies. Outside of trailers, they are one of, if not the most important aspect of a marketing campaign. Look at Solo: A Star Wars Story. Not only has the film released like 7 or 8 different versions of posters, but the film also got some flack because of an apparent “rip-off” scandal. So while trailer footage is the key to grabbing or not grabbing someone’s attention, posters are also a do or die for it as well.

I try my best to bring together all the recent one-sheets released, and not just because they are pretty important to a campaign, but also because some are just fantastic to look at. The latest batch I’ve gathered is a wide variety of posters, from different sizes to different genres. Once you’re done scrolling through, head down to the comments and let me know which ones are your favorite and why. Don’t forget to leave your comments on the movies you’re most excited for as well!

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