Russo Brothers Reveal Voices Behind The Black Order in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’


We are less than 3 days away from Avengers: Infinity War and one of the biggest questions has finally been answered about the upcoming movie. Who is voicing the characters in The Black Order? For those of you not familiar, The Black Order is is four aliens that Thanos has adopted and called his “children”, much like he did with Gamora and Nebula. They will be assisting Thanos in collecting the Infinity Stones and carrying out any tasks Thanos needs taken care of. Kevin Feige has said:

“There are interesting people doing the voices. You’ll probably know when you see the movie”

So lets dive in and reveal who the voices will be behind the characters.

Cull Obsidian

Cull Obsidian is the muscle of Thanos’ Black Order. He is very large and possess incredible strength as well as unbreakable skin. He also carries two hammers as weapons. The voice actor that will be playing him is Terry Notary. He is known for his motion-capture skills and stunt coordinator/performer. He has worked on movies such as the Planet of the Apes series, King King: Skull Island, and The Hobbit movies. The Russo Brothers have said Cull Obsidian “doesn’t have much of a voice”, so we can expect his actions to speak for him.

Ebony Maw

Ebony Maw has been described by the Russo Brothers as “Thanos’ herald or “hype man”. Ebony Maw uses his voice as his weapon. He is not a fighter but uses his telekinetic powers as his weapon. In the second trailer, we see him torturing Dr. Strange, who we know is a pretty powerful character which leads us to think he is going to be a real problem for the Avengers. As far as his voice actor, he will be voiced by Irish actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor. He isn’t well known in America but is well known in Ireland for his Television roles. We will have to wait and see how his powers affect the Avengers!

Proxima Midnight

Proxima Midnight is the no non-sense lone female in the Black Order. Proxima Midnight wields a spear that is known to project poisonous energy. She is also the wife of Corvus Glaive, the final member of the Black Order. She is a master of combat, so anyone going up against her is not going to have an easy time. The actress that is playing her is Carrie Coon. She is probably the most notable actor/actress out of the four Black Order characters and has had roles in TV shows like Fargo and The Leftovers, while starring in movies such as Gone Girl and most recently The Post. Expect this character to bring it when she meets the Avengers.

Corvus Glaive

Corvus Glaive is the final member of the Black Order and is not one to tread lightly. He is the wife of Proxima Midnight and is considered Thanos’ military strategist and a mastery in combat and tactical abilities. Corvus Glaive wields a spear or “glaive” that gives him immortality and allows him to survive anything. However, it is worth noting that the spear must remain intact, otherwise he will die. As far as the actor playing him, a lot of speculation was that Peter Dinklage was going to voice him, but it was revealed that Michael James Shaw will be voicing the character. Shaw is most notably known for his role as Papa Midnite on NBC’s short lived Constantine tv show. Don’t be surprised if he becomes one of the most feared characters in the movie.

So now that the voice cast is complete, what do you guys think? Not as many BIG names as many were expecting and maybe hoping for, but Marvel hasn’t let us down yet when it comes to casting. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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