Biggest Concerns for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

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Avengers: Infinity War is bound to break all sorts of box office records when it hits theaters later this week. There’s very little to be concerned about, given how Marvel Studios has been building to this film in its first ten years. Directors Joe & Anthony Russo are proven filmmakers in this genre, widening the scale of their films with every new one. Infinity War has everything going for it, so what could go wrong?

Well if you’re asking me, the answer is very-little-to-nothing. It took me awhile to conceive some legit concerns regarding Infinity War. And while I’m not willing to put any money on any of these concerns, I think they at least warrant some discussion…


Underwhelming Villain:

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Admit it, the news that Thanos’ backstory has been cut from the film troubled you. The reason is because of Marvel’s villain problem. Most of them are forgettable, or serve as only a plot device. As far as Thanos is concerned, he’s a character that Marvel has been teasing since the post-credit scene in Avengers. However, his screen time thus far has been anything but menacing. Maybe that changes in the first ten minutes of the film, but remember that Thanos is anything but an ordinary villain in the Marvel lore. He’s gonna need as much screen time as possible, in a film that features 60+ characters. Please don’t disappoint me like X-Men did with failing to meet expectations with its same-titled villain,¬†Apocalypse.


Expectations Beyond Measure:

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What if Avengers: Infinity War is not the best M.C.U. movie to date? Don’t tell me that it doesn’t need to be. There’s so much riding on this movie to truly shake up this universe, and put these heroes in real danger. Familiarity is Infinity War’s biggest concern, and although I have confidence in directors Joe & Anthony Russo to not rinse and repeat, I’m for something different than a couple bumps and bruises. The filmmakers & cast, along¬† with the years of prep on a major story line, should make this movie the best to date in the M.C.U.



Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson & Danai Gurrira in Avengers: Infinity War


Its not that I don’t want our heroes to win at the end of the day, but every WAR is bound to have casualties. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about the studio’s decision to kill off major characters. However, these character’s aren’t just fictional heroes, but they’re also money-making machines for Disney. I’m certain the idea of killing off Iron Man or Captain America would make investors pause and question what effects could happen on their investment. Greedy bastards. Bottom line, I don’t not want the studio to compromise creativeness in favor of financial investments. Don’t kill off a Nick Fury and expect me to shed a tear. It’s time for some of these Avengers to meet their maker.

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment if you share any concerns, or have any of your own. Remember, stay off the internet starting tomorrow to avoid spoilers!


Avnegers: Infinity War IMAX Poster


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