John Krasinski’s ‘A Quiet Place’ Follow-Up Will Be ‘Life on Mars’

Well, that happened fast. Right off the unprecedented success of his horror thriller A Quiet Place, John Krasinski has found his next project from behind-the-camera. A Quiet Place is Krasinski’s third director’s credit and by far his best, making him one of the “up-and-coming” directors. What he was able to capture through the lens of his film was something that very few could do, which is the exact reason why this new project has such exciting potential.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Krasinski will be reteaming with his team from A Quiet Place for Life on Mars, a sci-fi thriller based on a short story Cecil Castellucci called We Have Always Lived on Mars. Krasinski’s team includes producers Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, and Andrew Form, as well as Paramount Pictures, who is currently in negotiations to distribute the film, as they did A Quiet Place. Here’s a quick summary of the story thanks to Collider:

Follows a woman who is one of the few descendants of a human colony on Mars that was abandoned by Earth. She is surprised to discover that she can breathe the Martian atmosphere, and while the crew takes this to mean their terraforming has finally paid off, this development actually unlocks the mystery of the disaster that stranded her and her team on the planet in the first place.

Now the question becomes whether or not Krasinski will star or be a part of the writing process. Many don’t know this, but Krasinski didn’t just direct, but his hand on the script was detrimental and a big reason why the film is such a big success. If he decides he wants in on the script, there will not be a peep out of me, simply because of the raw emotion he delivered with A Quiet Place.

There’s no doubt that Krasinski, a man known for his work on The Office, has been given plenty of offers. Many filmmakers at his stage typically make the leap to big budget films like Star Wars or comic book movies. While that may be the case in the future (Marvel’s Fantastic Four?), it’s nice to see him pacing it out correctly and sticking to original material that will showcase his skills from behind-the-camera.

What do you think of this news? Were you a fan of A Quiet Place? Have you read the story this film will be based off of? Who do you hope stars in the lead role? Sound off in the comments below!

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