Watch a Pair of New Clips for This Weekend’s Horror Movie ‘Truth or Dare’

Universal Pictures and Blumhouse have released a pair of new clips for their upcoming horror movie Truth or Dare. Over the past handful of years, Blumhouse has made a living out of making legit horror movies for a third of the price. Unfortunately, Truth or Dare looks like it could possibly end up as their biggest flop yet.

If some big named young actors weren’t starring in this picture, Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars, Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf and Violett Beane from The Flash, this movie would 100% look like a Lifetime movie. It just looks like the ultimate cheese-fest, and rather just take the bull by the horns like Tag is doing, it flipped it for a horror movie that I don’t think anyone is able to take serious. Especially with those completely unnecessary clown faces the characters make right before they die. Really?

Anyway, here’s a pair of new clips for the movie, which probably won’t change your mind about the movie if you’re looking forward to it or not. Are you excited for it? Will you go watch it in theaters?  Directed by Jeff Wadlow and also starring Nolan Gerard Funk, Sophia Ali, and Hayden Szeto, Truth or Dare arrives in theaters on April 13th.

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