Ranking the MCU: The Road to ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ – #18

We here at Apocaflix! Movies decided that we would sit down and rank the Marvel Cinematic Universe leading up to the heavily anticipated Avengers: Infinity War movie. coming to theaters April 27th. We evaluated each and every movie in the 18 movie collection and based on a point system came up with the final results. Without further ado lets get to the rankings!

The Incredible Hulk came to the MCU in 2008 and was the second movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe following Iron Man. The movie starred Edward Norton who played The Hulk/Bruce Banner, A nuclear physicist and biochemist at Culver University who, because of exposure to gamma radiation, transforms into an enormous green humanoid monster when enraged or agitated. Also starring in the movie was Liv Tyler who played Betty Ross, a cellular biologist and Bruce’s former girlfriend, from whom he is separated as a result of his condition. William Hurt played  Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross aka General Ross, father of Betty Ross, who is obsessed with capturing The Hulk and studying him while later helps create the villain of the movie. Tim Roth played Emil Blonsky/ Abomination who ends up being that character that is experimented on leading him to turn into a mutated form of The Hulk called The Abomination.

In the movie we find that General Ross has met with Bruce Banner and Betty Ross and explains
to them that the military is running an experiment that is meant to make humans immune to Gamma Radiation. The experiment was part of a WWII era “Super Soldier” program (Captain America), that General Ross was hoping to recreate. One thing leads to another and Bruce Banner is exposed to the Gamma Radiation and now if his heartbeat reaches over 200 he turns into The Hulk.

5 years later we find Bruce in Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil searching for a cure. He is also communicating on the computer with a man named Mr. Blue who is trying to help cure Bruce which we later find out he is using for his own personal gain. After a face off with General Ross and Emil Blonsky who have found Bruce and attempt to capture him, General Ross explains to Blonsky what The Hulk is only leading to Blonsky getting injected with a small dose of the same serum. Bruce returns to where it all began at Culver where we find Betty Ross has moved on. General Ross and Blonsky again find Bruce and fail to apprehend him again this time leading to The Hulk practically killing Blonsky and fleeing with Betty.

Blonsky has survived but and this time General Ross and Blonsky find and capture Bruce as well as Betty. Blonsky stays behind and has Mr. Blue/ Stern inject him with Banner’s blood which mixes with the Super Soldier serum turning him into the Abomination. Also Stern, through a cut on his forehead, absorbs some of the blood setting the movie up for a never coming sequel, as Stern begins

turning into the villain known as The Leader. Blonsky then rampages through Harlem, realizing that The Hulk is the only one that can stop him General Ross lets him go, defeating the Abomination. In the after credits we find General Ross in a bar where Tony Stark/ Robert Downey Jr. walks in and tells General Ross about a “team” they are putting together.

While reading it back, it sounds like a pretty good movie, what we got was just subpar and “ok”. The story just kind of got lost as well as Edward Norton’s portrayal of The Hulk was something that was widely criticized and met with mixed reviews. Marvel felt the
same way and as we all know, Norton did not return for any further MCU movies involving The Hulk. The role was recast and Mark Ruffalo took over as Bruce Banner/ The Hulk. Liv Tyler’s performance of Betty Ross was unmemorable as she also hasn’t been seen from again even though the character is a pretty big part of The Hulk’s comic book characters history. Tim Roth was a ok villain at best and probably one of if not the worst main villain we have seen in the MCU. Many people would like to see Abomination come back but chances are 0 to none on that happening. The only character that we have ever heard from again when it comes to this movie is General Ross. As you may recall General Ross made a appearance in Captain America: Civil War and was pushing for the Sokovia Accords following the events of Age of Ultron. His return was met with a pretty well reception as he is by far one of the best characters in The Incredible Hulk.

So what were your thoughts about The Incredible Hulk. Do you agree with what we thought in the video? Does The Incredible Hulk deserve to be #18 out of #18? Let us know  in the comments below!

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