Tessa Thompson Set to Star Alongside Chris Hemsworth in ‘Men in Black’ Spinoff

Well, this escalated quickly. Sony Pictures has been in the process of rebooting/continuing their Men in Black franchise for a while now. After a failed attempt or two, Chris Hemsworth officially signed on to star in the project, and he just got a co-star. In a shocking but stellar move, Sony has brought in Hemsworth’s Thor: Ragnarok co-star Tessa Thompson to play opposite of him. The two will be directed by Straight Outta Compton and The Fate of the Furious director F. Gary Gray.

Sony’s Men in Black spinoff ideas have been been nothing short of underwhelming, that is until Hemsworth came on board. It became a real thing, and now that Thompson has followed suit, it’s become serious. While Sony through around a few ideas, they ultimately landed on a soft reboot that will focus on new character, a la Jurassic World. A few past reports have claimed the movie would focus on a white male, black woman, and an older man, which all but becomes official following Thompson’s casting. The Hollywood Reporter added in their own report that it will be “more of an ensemble piece than a two-hander and will be more global in scope.”

While the second movie wasn’t as good and the third can just be forgotten, the original Men in Black, which starred Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K and Will Smith as Agent J, was a fun movie that adventured into the possible sci-fi wonders our world and universe have to offer. This soft reboot is looking to build on what that movie did, and getting a hold of both Hemsworth and Thompson is a great first step. Their chemistry in Ragnarok is the only proof we need for the fact that it will at least hold some great character moments. Hopefully whoever they cast for the “older man” role rounds out the sci-fi tri-pod nicely.

Thompson has been on fire lately. After her brilliant debut in Ryan Coogler’s Creed, she blew up with her performance as Valkyrie in Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok, locking herself in as a Marvel regular for years to come. She was also featured in Alex Garland’s Annihilation last month, will be returning to Westworld when that premieres next month, suppose to be featured in Avengers: Infinity War at the end of April, starring in the festival knock-out Sorry to Bother You, and is currently filming Creed II for director Steven Caple Jr. Phew, what a couple years she’s having.

What do you think of this casting? Are you looking forward to seeing more of Hemsworth and Thompson both in and out of the MCU? Are you at all interested in a Men in Black spinoff? Sound off in the comments below. F. Gary Gray’s Men in Black is set for release on May 17th, 2019.

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