Kristen Wiig Has Officially Been Confirmed as Cheetah for ‘Wonder Woman 2’

Outside of our main protagonists, a comic book movie villain is key to the movie’s success. When it came to last year’s Wonder Woman, one of the bigger complaints that came from fans and critics was that the villain wasn’t as balanced or fluid as they hoped. Well, as of this morning, director Patty Jenkins is looking to step up that aspect with a bit of star power.

As revealed by Jenkins herself on Twitter, Kristen Wiig has officially been announced to play the sequel’s villain, Cheetah, Diana Prince’s most notorious rival. At this point, we’re not 100% certain what kind of story Jenkins is crafting for the sequel, or when for that matters. There’s multiple directions she can take, but it seems like she wants to stay a bit closer to home by bringing one of her more familiar foes into the game.

There have been multiple incarnations of Cheetah in the past, but it would make sense for Wiig to be playing Dr. Barbara Minerva, an archeologist who was known for going to any length to secure an artifact. While on an expedition in the African jungle searching for a lost city, she was trapped with a tribe leader who was performing a ritual to become the cheetah god. As Chuma, the tribe leader explained the ritual, Minerva’s lust for power grew as she demanded it be done on her. Once the ritual was complete, there was an unforeseen side effect as it called for a virgin. Rather than granting her youth and immortality, she became old and frail, until the night of a full moon where she was strong again, becoming the Cheetah.

If Jenkins does decide to stay true to the character’s backstory, it was be a far different kind of story than the original. And as I mentioned earlier, it’ll be interesting to see what time period this is placed in, as it could take place at any time from the original to present day. With the DC movie universe in a bit of a flux, fans will take this news as a breathe of fresh air as the Wonder Woman franchise is no doubt the light at the end of the tunnel for the universe. Wonder Woman 2 is slated for a November 1st, 2019 release date.

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