Fox Developing a ‘Silver Surfer’ Movie; ‘X-Force’ to Reportedly Begin Production This Fall

While we try to be as patient as possible for the possibility of a 20th Century Fox and Marvel deal to actually become official, the move hasn’t slowed the former studio down from hatching up new ideas for the current Marvel characters they have. Business is business, and since the deal might not be finalized for a while, Fox needs to push forward with whatever plans they have, which means pumping out new comic book related properties and (hopefully) making a butt ton of money at the box-office before they’re more than likely rebooted elsewhere.

Fox put heavy priority on the X-Men franchise in the early days, with the most recent years focusing on a much different type of hero in Deadpool and the surrounding characters that play in his world. But now, continuing a trend of branching out to a variety of different characters from across their universe, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Fox and legendary comic book writer Brian K. Vaughan are now in the beginning stages of developing a Silver Surfer movie for the big screen. Nothing more has been released at this time, but Silver Surfer will be added to the list of standalone movies in development by the studio.

On top of the recently pushed back New Mutants from director Josh Boone, which reportedly will be going through reshoots this summer to add another young character, there’s an untitled Kitty Pryde spinoff on its way from director Tim Miller (Deadpool), a Gambit movie that is now once again in the process of looking for a new director, and the previously reported Doctor Doom spinoff from Legion showrunner Noah Hawley. For a studio who is about to move most of, if not all their characters back to Marvel, damn they are busy.

Now, of course, there’s also X-Force. Outside of Drew Goddard being announced to direct, who is still on board to be helming the film, there hasn’t been much else revealed, until recently. Just a few weeks ago we got our first real look at the highly anticipated Deadpool sequel for this upcoming summer. The trailer was awesome, but the better news was that both Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin would be returning for the long-awaited adaptation of X-Force. Not only that, but THR’s report reveals that the Drew Goddard film is looking to begin production this Fall in October, which will more than likely line it up for a 2020 release.

Whether or not the Fox-Marvel deal goes through tomorrow, next month or by the end of the year, moving forward with all these movies is the smartest move the studio can make. All these spinoffs may not ever see the light of the day, it makes sense to move froward as if a merger isn’t happening in case it doesn’t ever happen. It’s also worth nothing that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has recently said that he and the studio are sticking to their slate through 2020, which means we won’t be seeing any of these in the MCU any time soon even if the deal were to go through tomorrow.

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