EW’s ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Images Come with New Character & Plot Details

The hiatus that the young Han Solo spinoff took once director Ron Howard was aboard was quite long, but now that we’ve seen the first footage for the film, the flood gates have opened. In a span of four days we’ve gotten a pretty cool 30 second Super Bowl spot, a full length trailer that runs about a minute and a half, character posters, and now the film’s first batch of images that also come with some much needed details about the characters and story we’ll be adventuring with.

As per usual with EW, this write-up promises to be the first of many of this week and the coming months. Today’s news is only a tease as to what’s to come. But before we jump ahead of ourselves and even get to the actual character details, some story points. The film has been described as “a Western crossed with a film noir, freighted with offbeat humor and set in the criminal underbelly of a galaxy being torn apart.” It’s set years before Solo’s interaction in 1977’s Star Wars, and Lucasfilm President Kathleen kennedy, on top of saying the spinoff is a “a heist, gunslinger type movie,” broke down Ehrenreich’s Solo for us:

“He might be a little more immature, he may be a little less experienced, and he may hone his cynicism over time, but he’s very wary. He needs to gain the respect of the people he interacts with, even if they’re the lowest of the low.”

That’s exactly the kind of Solo I was hoping for and expecting. This is year’s before we meet him as the expert smuggler and pilot with great charisma and sarcasm, and that’s the character we’ve known for the better part of 40 years. I want something different and new, and it sounds like they’ll be giving us exactly that.

As for the kind of people he’ll be meeting along this journey, they all operate in the middle of both bro and villain, a gray area if you will. Ehrenreich, who has been silent so far, said, “I think that’s exactly what Han’s trying to do throughout the film,” regarding Han figuring out where these characters stand. As for who they are? On top of the two familiar faces we know in Lando and Chewbacca, Solo will feature a number of new names, including:

  • Emilia Clarke plays the “shadowy” Qui’ra, a sort of femme fatale where Solo’s roguish nature is concerned
  • Woody Harrelson‘s Tobias Beckett, a career criminal
  • Paul Bettany‘s crime boss Dryden Vos
  • Thandie Newton‘s blaster-happy Val
  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge‘s droid L3-37, a sidekick for Calrissian

Also, if you’ve been trying to wrap your head around that awesome, Snowpiercer-esque train, EW revealed it as “The Conveyex,” a massive freight train that will play into the heist angle of the film. And according to them, Han specifically, as he is tasked with stealing something onboard to prove himself.

As I mentioned earlier, look out for much more Solo news in the coming days and weeks. The film is closer than you think, and because it got a later start than usual, we should be getting plenty of juicy tidbits very soon. Ron Howard’s Solo: A Star Wars Story is set for a May 25th release.

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