‘Submergence’ Trailer: Love Has No Limits

Lionsgate Films has release the first trailer for their upcoming romantic thriller Submergence. Directed by Wim Wenders and starring the fantastic James McAvoy and absolutely incredible Alicia Vikander, Submergence follows an undercover British agent and a bio-mathmetician who unexpectedly fall for each other while preparing for their separate missions, even though their jobs are destined to keep them apart.

The film is based on the highly regarded novel of the same name and although early reviews (from TIFF) claim the film is prime for followers of Wenders work, I am personally very interested in what I am seeing. I haven’t seen any of Wenders previous work, but from everything I’ve read it seems the trailer has his name plastered all over it. Wenders has two of the best working actors in the business on this film, playing opposite each other (for the most part), and that usually results in some amazing work for any director.

The one reservation I have at this point is the pacing. While the potential to have a fast-paced thriller is there, I’m afraid it will become too much of a drama, focusing on the love between the two characters, rather than the real-time events going on in the film. The love aspect is obviously the glue to the story, but I hope it’s smart in how it’s used, mainly how much or how little.

Check out the first trailer for Submergence below. What do you think of the trailer? Are you interested from the footage or having two big names attached? Wenders’ Submergence will be released stateside on April 13th.

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