Will ‘Black Panther’ Be One of Marvel’s Best Movies Yet?

From the moment we saw its first bit of footage, the question regarding just how good Black Panther is has been on the table. Trailers and more only heightened those expectations to some of the highest we’ve ever had for a Marvel movie, but could it live up to it? Well, the verdict is out. The world premiere of the film was last night in Los Angeles and as with most big films, correspondents in attendance were aloud to post their initial reactions to the film on social media. The word of mouth took over instantly.

Nothing that follows spoils anything for the movie, rather are a collection of general thoughts from those I personally follow and trust with this sensitive of a subject. I rarely read these type of early reviews, but I can’t seem to stay away from anything Black Panther at this point. I’ve done a good job not watching any new footage, but other than that, I give in instantly and that’s completely due to my anticipation for this film.

Black Panther is easily one of my most anticipated Marvel movies ever. Not only did his introduction in Captain America: Civil War bring me to this point, but the real impact this film could have on the community in general makes me that much more excited. It’s massive, and according to some new comments below, the film succeeds and then some:

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