First ‘Beirut’ Trailer: Jon Hamm & Rosamund Pike Star in New Thriller

Bleecker Street has revealed the debut trailer for their upcoming thriller Beirut. Directed by Tony Gilroy (responsible for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story screenplay and reshoots), Jon Hamm stars as a U.S. diplomat who is called back to war-torn Beirut by the CIA to help negotiate for the life of a captured friend.

Jon Hamm may be the most underrated actor in Hollywood. He obviously had his time on television in Mad Men for AMC, but as far as film goes, his credit book should look much larger than it actually does. We’ve seen him in supporting roles, such as The Town, as well as lead roles like Million Dollar Arm. But in my opinion, he should be leading Oscar-season films or even action blockbusters. Hopefully that come to fruition one day.

As for this thriller, I’m definitely interested. CIA operative/black op spy films are always ones that catch my eye, but I know absolutely nothing about Beirut and how the country is basically ripped apart by war. Also, the cast is pretty outstanding for a relatively unknown film, which has grabbed my attention that much more. However, I feel as if I’ve seen most, if not all of the movie. The trailer felt like an eternity, and it felt like it included moments that would’ve been nice to see while watching it. Sadly I’ll never know.

Check out the first new trailer below. After doing so, head down to the comments and give me your thoughts. Do you feel as I do about Jon Hamm? How did the trailer fair with you? Did it show too much? Also starring Rosamund Pike and Dean Norris, Beirut has a April 13th release date.


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